Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said was a man of many talents. A savant of medicine and medical sciences who devoted his life towards improving the human condition. A true pioneer, who brought eastern medicine to the fore. A scribe and an educator, who worked tirelessly for Pakistan’s future generations.

Hakim Mohammed Said’s herculean efforts and unapparelled enthusiasm transformed Hamdard Laboratories into Hamdard Industries. Since then Hamdard has become a household name; their products are ubiquitous, found on every shelf, in every home in the country. He had set himself lofty goals and didn’t limit himself to be just an innovator or even a captain of industry. His sights were set on educating the youth of Pakistan


Hamdard’s Naunehal was curated and published by Hakim Mohammed Said with the hope of broadening young readers’ minds. The magazine proved to be instrumental in imparting knowledge and inculcating deep moral / social values in children. It is still considered to be amongst the most popular Urdu language magazines for children.

Hakim Mohammed Said was a national hero, beloved by the people of Pakistan. His life was full of success, but it was, unfortunately, cut short when he was martyred on October 17, 1998. He was posthumously awarded the Nishan-e-Imtiaz in light of his services to the country.  His substantial achievements have immortalized his memory which continues to be a beacon for all, a shining example of what one can achieve with hard work, dedication and a love for humanity. 

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