1. Can I reproduce everything I see on your demo if I buy Daze?

Everything in the demo homepages is created  by using options available in the Daze theme. However, our Landing page cannot be reproduced as it is a static page that serves only to showcase the features.

2. What if I have a problem setting up some elements of the theme on my blog?

We gave detailed and simple instructions on how to use our theme. However, if you struggling with anything you can contact us through our support center at nordwood.ticksy.com and we will answer ASAP.

3. If I buy the theme and you release some updates in the future, will I get them for free?

Of course! Once you buy the theme, every improvement we make – you get for free.

4. Do photos used on the demo come with the theme?

Unfortunately not. Some of the photos used on Daze are licensed so legally we cannot give them away with our product. However, good news is that now you can download free stock photos from different sites and visually boost your blog. Check out RightLight – our own free high-res photo library made especially with web designers on mind >> rightlight.nordwoodthemes.com 

5. I like Daze in general (colors, typography etc), but I prefer a regular blog with sidebar and no huge slider. Is it possible?

Yes! We made Daze extremely customizable. Every special feature we developed can be turned off and on. You can make a trendy & stylish blog with some cool new functionalities or if you prefer a traditional blog layout, you can simply choose that layoutfrom our customization panel.

6. Can I use Daze for my portfolio?

Although Daze is not specifically made with portfolio display in mind, you can adapt it for portfolio use without any problems. Take a look at this list http://daze.nordwoodthemes.com/masonry-images-only. Looks like a portfolio, doesn’t it? :)