Writing Workshops

Team Hamdard Naunehal hosted a captivating activity at Falcon Grammar School, where children embarked on an exciting learning journey. Through interactive storytelling, and engaging exercises, the event showcased how the Hamdard Naunehal Magazine ignites a passion for learning while expanding vocabulary and honing reading and writing abilities.

It was a fun-filled and professionally executed event where children got to learn and win prizes as well, leaving the participants with a precious memory to cherish.

KDSP x Naunehal

The collaboration between KDSP and Hamdard Naunehal was a sensational event that has left a lasting impression. Hamdard Naunehal, renowned for its dedication to inclusivity and representation in children's magazines, took center stage.

Through a dynamic blend of creativity and learning, the event provided an empowering platform for young minds to thrive.

Crafter’s Expo x Naunehal

Hamdard Naunehal made a triumphant return at the Crafter's Expo, setting up a vibrant stall that sparked joy and excitement. With a mission to reconnect with readers and inspire a new generation, the stall enticed kids to rediscover the joy of reading and writing.

The response was phenomenal, as both loyal readers and new enthusiasts rejoiced at the sight of Hamdard Naunehal, creating a heart-warming atmosphere of happiness and nostalgia.

School Drives

Spreading the joy of learning, Team Hamdard Naunehal embarked on an inspiring tour of Agha Khan School. With a legacy spanning 70 years, Naunehal has been a catalyst in nation building.

The team connected with students and younger audiences through captivating stories, engaging activities, and delightful poems in both Urdu and English. The message of "Parho, Parhao" resonated with children and parents alike, igniting a passion for education.