Naunehal began in 1953 as a monthly

risala for children.

It was the beloved brainchild of Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said, who wanted to create a magazine that would not only enhance children’s language skills, but contribute to their moral and spiritual development as well.

In the decades to come, it went on to become the most popular Urdu language magazine for children in the country.

Naunehal is still an important part of children’s literature in the country. But it is time for a change. Discover the new Naunehal, full of stories you love, now with double the fun! In short, Naunehal is now a contemporary magazine for a new generation of children but one which maintains the spirit of the original intentions of its founder.

The new Naunehal brings you:


The same educational content, now in two languages. 


An array of new topics, and worlds to explore.


Knowledge and challenges from around the world.


A chance to connect with your society’s issues.

What makes Naunehal Different ?

Naunehal as a publication has been a source of knowledge for children for six decades. It has been one of the foremost Urdu language children’s magazines in the country and has a wide and loyal readership of thousands of children. Generations have taken advantage of this magazine and now, the new Naunehal will enable succeeding generations to learn from it. 


Topics of interest cater to children from the ages of eight to fourteen. Relevant age appropriate illustrations are incorporated with the articles to achieve broader appeal. The carefully selected content is current, entertaining and refreshing, with the aim of stimulating the imagination, expanding understanding of the written word while developing language skills. The bilingual edition, with international standard content, is going to change the identity of the magazine but will keep the purpose intact.


Naunehal promises to be a reliable resource, showcasing quality content, aiding young readers in honing their English and Urdu language skills, all the while passing down the love for reading.

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