What does the shape of a triangle bring to your mind?



A pizza slice? How about Pyramids?

Pyramids are a mystery that we all love to learn about. To see a pyramid, you need to reach Cairo city, the capital of Egypt, in Africa. Pyramids are located almost 8Kms from the famous River Nile. 

The most well-known is the Pyramid of Giza which was built for Pharaoh Khufu, the most powerful ruler of Egypt’s Old Kingdom.

When you first look at a pyramid, it looks like a very old, brown, muddy, triangular structure like a mountain. These relics are as old as 4,500 years.

How did the Egyptians build the pyramids? 


The Egyptians invented special boats to carry huge stones. They would wait for the Nile to flood so that 

ships could sail. Once on land, they used large wooden sledges to slide on the ground. To make it easy, oil was poured in front of the sledge which was pulled by many men.


What is inside?


Inside, a grand gallery leads to a burial chamber where Pharaoh’s mummified body is placed along with most of his precious possessions, food, clothing and other items. Egyptians believed that these things will be needed by the dead person in the next life.


How were mummies made?


The first step was the removal of all internal organs of the body which were preserved separately and buried with the mummy. The body was covered with a type of salt to dry it. It was then wrapped in linen to complete the mummification.





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