Many years ago, a boy was born to a family of calligraphers in the sub-continent. Everyone thought he was like any other ordinary child, but little did they know that one day he will become a shining star.

From a very young age. he had great insights. He did not see things just as black and white instead he searched for the meaning behind everything. He started working at All India Radio, but that wasn’t where he wanted to stop.

This unstoppable Sadequain, soon to become a winner of hearts of millions of people, devoted his life to art practices. And the best part is, this young man did not learn artistic skills from anyone, it was nature that truly inspired him.

One sunny day, during his visit to Gadani, he came across hundreds of cactuses and got inspired by them. These spiky bushes acted as a metaphor to depict the struggles a human being faces against hardships. That is how deeply he saw things, looking for truth and meaning behind everything.

Sadequain, who was now becoming famous around the world, believed that the essence of calligraphy for him came from these gigantic plants. And everything that he painted after this, a city, a book, a chair, all of it was based on the structure of a cactus.

A small plant which is widely ignored generally, was what inspired him to become a true artist. That shows why he was special and different and deserved to win some of the best awards like Pride of Performance, Tamgha-i-Imtiaz and Sitara-i-Imtiaz.

Sadequain remains a true inspiration for all of us. His quest to find truth and show it through his artwork is phenomenal. When his work gained popularity, Sadequain remained humble and never boasted about his amazing skill to paint so well.

Today there are many galleries where Sadequain’s work is displayed and can be viewed by art lovers.

This year, we pay tribute to this great artist on his 24th death anniversary on 10th February.

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