Lava lamps can be fun to look at, and are
oh-so-easy to create. All you need to make your
own lava lamp at home are:


A tall jar/bottle water​ (enough to fill half the jar).
100-150ml of vegetable oil​
(depending on the size your jar).
Liquid food color​
(your choice).
Some salt
(tea spoon).


First things first, fill up your jar/bottle with water.



Add the oil into the water, and wait
for it to rise to the top.


Then, add a couple of drops of your
food colouring.


Now for the main attraction, add
some salt into the jar. As the salt sinks
to the bottom, it will take the oil with
it, and release it back up once it starts
dissolving in the water. This is what
creates the “lava” effect.


Ta-da! Now you have your very own
lava, which you can place over a
flashlight to create a lava lamp worthy
of an actual mountain.

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