Hello readers, do you know what a diorama is? It is a 3D model that shows a certain area such as a street, a park or an ocean in a miniature form. You must have seen many dioramas in museums too.

 In this issue, we will show you an easy way to create your own diorama of a farm. This skill will come in handy to make interesting projects for your school.

Things you will need

A box of some type (shoe box or tissue box), some paper, scissors, glue, tape, markers and crayons.


Step one: Take a shoebox, remove the lid and cover the box using any coloured paper. 


Step two: Next, make few 3D models of farm animals including cows, hens, sheep, horses and goats. You can create these models by cutting their pictures from old magazines or drawing your own figures and sticking them on an ice cream stick.


Step three: Decorate the box by drawing grass, trees and a fence inside the box.


Step four: Stick your models inside the box using tape.


Your beautiful diorama is complete. You can also create a diorama on any theme such as a classroom, a shop, your own bedroom, a rainforest, space or a snowy mountain.


So, get ready, make an interesting diorama and send its picture on

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