Using a bow and an arrow to hunt for food is a thing of the past. Cavemen used wood from trees to make a bow and an arrow not just to hunt but to protect themselves against enemies too.


In modern times, the use of bow and arrow has taken the form of a sport called archery. The person who tries this sport is called the archer. In this sport, the archer stands at a distance from the target and throws an arrow to gain points.


The importance of archery as a sport has increased as it is now part of the Olympics as well. It has become a great hobby too as there are plenty of archery clubs around. Shaheen Archery, Woodsman Pakistan, Ba-Kaman Archery Club and Punjab Archery Academy are just a few names to begin with where you can take archery classes and excel at it.


It is a fun activity, beautiful sport and a useful skill that develops self-confidence, organisational skills, discipline, concentration and competitive spirit.


You can enjoy archery with a friend, join a club, go bow hunting outdoors or attend tournaments. With archery, you can decide to be competitive or use the sport as a mere hobby. Regardless of what direction you take with archery, it will always be fun to take up this sport.


● The sport of archery teaches you control, focus, physical ability and determination.


● Archery is a sport that can be practised by all, no matter what the age, gender or ability is. Archery keeps you fit as you handle bow and arrow and many times walk a lot.


● Archers learn to focus and avoid distractions like wind, distance and noise. This focus is beneficial for other areas of life too.


● Archery is easy to learn, but difficult to perfect. Although fun, you need to be extremely patient to practice this sport.


Amazing Facts


● Archery was the only sport that women could take part in, when they were first allowed to compete in the 1904 St. Louis Olympics.


● South Korea has (so far) won the most gold medals in Olympic archery with an impressive haul of 19.


● In archery games, splitting the arrow of a competitor is known as Robin Hood.


● In most of the archery competitions, archers are required to have the initials of their names engraved on their arrows.

Competitors during an archery competition at the 2012 Olympic games.

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