For most people that knew him, Abdul Sattar Edhi was not just an ordinary man, but a Godsend. He was their rescuer, their protector, a blessing from Allah.


In a world full of dangers and misfortunes, most people lose hope and fall prey to hopelessness.


But Abdul Sattar Edhi gained momentum with every hardship, every misfortune that was slung his way.

Edhi sahab was known for his work in his organization, the Edhi Foundation, which he formed in 1951 at the young age of 23. Edhi sahab’s selflessness and perseverance led him to enormous success in his humanistic endeavours, and Edhi Foundation has become the largest NGO in Pakistan.


It has served hundreds of thousands of people, providing them with basic facilities and rights, sheltering them when they were stranded and vulnerable.

For a man of his stature, and fame, Abdul Sattar Edhi was a model of humility and modesty. He led a simple life, free of worldly distractions, and gave all his time and resources to the services of his fellow humans. He practiced what he preached, and was the oldest member of his organization.

When Edhi sahab died in 2016, he left behind a legacy and message of peace and love. He was posthumously honored by the government of Pakistan.


On 31 March 2017, a Rs.50 cupronickel commemorative coin was issued across the country upon the recommendation of the State Bank of Pakistan to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who decided to commemorate Edhi sahab’s services on the national level. Edhi became the only social worker and the fifth Pakistani personality to have been honoured with a commemorative coin.

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